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Most of our work in manufacturing is in cooperation with a robot. But it’s not limited to that, as we have systems that have been running for many years that measure, sort, validate colour, verify assembly, count, pass, and reject, as individual tasks or as part of a bigger system.

Scorpion Vision Software™ is the basis of our automation platform. Usually deployed onto an industrial PC, but sometimes on a smart camera, the software is reliable and has a very long track record of service on production lines that have been running in excess of 15 years in some cases.

Our systems run for years and years, requiring very little intervention.

Occasionally, hardware fails though and we need to react quickly to get the production line up and running as quickly as possible. For this we recommend critical spares held locally so they can be hot swapped. We do this with remote access through industrial gateways over Virtual Private Networks. Network security is always guaranteed, as is a super fast response.

Scorpion Vision Factory Automation

  • A 25 year track record
  • Widely used with verifiable installations around the globe
  • A wide international network of qualified and experienced support engineers
  • An ‘open platform’ with a fair and cost effective licensing scheme
  • Not just software but a full suite of camera products and integrated light sources and robust enclosures
  • Installations in aerospace, marine, and automotive production sites

In 2015, we embarked upon a project with a Chinese partner who provides automation systems into heavy industry, such as foundries that produce large engine blocks for the marine and truck industry. Scorpion Vision systems were deployed remotely for the inspection of engine blocks using a combination of 2D and 3D machine vision technologies.


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