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The team at Scorpion Vision are automation and machine vision professionals. Our academic backgrounds and industry experience ranges across the mechatronics, controls, electronic, mechanical biomedical, optical and software engineering disciplines, which is an ideal pool of resources for the solutions and services that we offer.

We offer consulting services for any of the areas of operation, either on a project-by-project or timed basis, for whatever suits your budget.

We are keen to work with partners who wish to outsource engineering services for application development or camera hardware design and building.

Where a standard off-the-shelf industrial camera will not suffice, where something more is required, perhaps with integrated electronics and light sources in a suitable IP enclosure.

Table full of machine vision components by Scorpion Vision.
The team at Scorpion Vision consulting a project on a large screen.


  • Project risk analyses
  • Image processing application development
  • Industrial camera development
  • Automation project viability assessment and reporting

Automation Project Viability

We were approached by a premium seafood producer to look into the processing of seafood in its shell. The task – which required a robot to insert a special tool into a specific part of a shell – appeared complex and challenging and as far as we knew, had not been achieved before. It was therefore deemed high risk at this early stage and so Scorpion Vision Ltd offered a 6 month study project to build a proof of concept, with the outcome being a demonstration of the required task using a vision guided robot, with a high level of repeatability, followed by the presentation of a written report, containing developed techniques and trial work during the course of the study.

Example of automation project viability from Scorpion Vision for a seafood producer.


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