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There are 250 million wooden pallets in circulation in the UK alone, with over 40 million new pallets being added to the supply chain each year. A typical wooden pallet has a lifespan of only 3-5 years and is often decommissioned when it is damaged with broken slats, meaning the load will be unstable. Other considerations for serviceability include missing and loose slats and exposed nails.

A plastic pallet can last up to 10 years, or 250 trips and is therefore much more robust, but will accumulate damage over time before it is eventually taken out of service for repair or disposal.

Pallets need to be maintained. Taking the UK wooden pallet circulation specifically, that is potentially circa 700,000 pallets per day that are in use.

44.9M Of wooden pallets were manufactured in 2019

48.3M Of wooden pallets were repaired in 2019, a 5% rise on 2018

3B Wooden pallets are estimated to be in circulation in the UK and EU region

Pallet Inspection And Sorting

  • Sort by pallet type
  • Inspect for damage
  • De-palletise mixed goods with various heights
  • Utilisation measurement
3D Robot De-palletising

3D Robotic De-Palletising

We offer 3D camera systems that can look at the pallet load and create measurement data based on the stack. This data can be used to check the safety of the load, the efficient utilisation of a pallet, and also to pick objects from the pallet, safely and efficiently using a robot.

We have installed 3D robotic de-palletisers in the UK that remove all packages from pallets, whatever the height or angle (up to a maximum slant of about 40 degrees), typical case uses are the picking of sacks filled with powder or similar compounds such as concrete or tea.


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