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AI Based Food Inspection Systems

The safe and hygienic production of food on an industrial scale is an ever increasing demand in the 21st century. Quality of raw ingredients that need to be optically sorted and inspected before use, followed by post production quality control, packaging and labelling means that machine vision is a critical component throughout the production process. Without it, material can be wasted through a lack of control – something that human beings are good at through the process of manually making food.

Once the process is automated and the opportunity for human intervention is limited, machine vision becomes a critical tool in production, ensuring (to use a very old but very descriptive phrase) the wheat is sorted from the chaff.

AI based food inspection system, inspecting vegetables in a factory.

3D+AI in Food Safe Enclosures

Our food production systems have been in the making for decades. With stainless steel enclosures for wet and dirty environments – housing our high speed scanning cameras – our systems can inspect, measure, detect flaws and generate robot picking coordinates in real time, thousands of times per minute.

  • AI based inspection using neural networks
  • 3D cameras for measuring 3D forms
  • Real time, on-the-fly product inspection
  • Wide lane, high speed scanning
  • Top and bottom inspection
  • Robust, reliable, long life systems


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