Scorpion Vision technology is a machine vision software development environment that has been developed by Tordivel AS, based in Oslo Norway. Established in 1986, the company has a long track record of developing sophisticated machine vision solutions for factory automation and has delivered systems globally. Tordivel is a market leader in the development of industrial 3D techniques, methodologies and solutions. 

Here are 5 good reasons why investing in a Scorpion Vision system makes complete sense.

1. Scorpion Vision Software

Scorpion Vision Software is the framework in which all applications are created. It runs on Microsoft Windows and is an open platform with a point and click interface. There are over 170 machine vision tools in the toolbox, many of which will be familiar to engineers who have used machine vision products from other vendors. In addition to the point and click interface, the framework also supports open source scripting using Python. This is used to augment and enable the development of more advanced machine vision applications.

2. Scorpion Vision Hardware

Having control over both the software and the hardware makes for more robust and reliable performance. The Scorpion Stinger hardware products overcome even the most challenging of system designs with the ability to control external light sources and secondary cameras and other ancillary automation systems with good IO and interfacing, using industry standards.

3. Flexibility

2D may not be enough – 3D is the ACE in the pack!

A 2D camera may do the job, and does in most cases. However, there are occasions where it may not be possible to achieve the 99.9% success rate that we look to achieve with a camera system. Having the ability to upgrade to a camera that offers 3D can make all the difference between success and failure. We can mix 2D and 3D cameras in a system to achieve the best possible results.

4. Expert International Support from Qualified Engineers

Investing in a Scorpion Vision system comes with a very high level of support from a network of engineers who work every day with advanced machine vision systems. 

Support is available by telephone, remote access and email every day.

5. Futureproof

There is a continual development program which keeps Scorpion Vision Software at the front of the pack. Recent enhancements include the use of Neural Networks for what are commonly termed AI solutions. If we think a system will benefit with the use of AI, then we’ll recommend it.

All this adds up to risk reduction – they used to say you’d never get fired for buying IBM. That’s what they now say about Scorpion Vision!

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