Our customer delivers automation systems into the foundry industry in China, this is a massive sector and accounts for the manufacture of 60% of the world’s engine blocks.

Our Chinese partners came to Lymington and stayed with us for a week in May 2018, learning all about Scorpion Vision and our 3D vision system for robots. 

As the Chinese economy grows, so does the need for Chinese manufacturers to up their game in terms of heath and safety, and quality control – these go hand in hand because better automation using robotics for big and heavy items means that there are less accidents on the shop floor. Whilst at the same time, using vision automated inspection to remove human error and subjectivity when making a visual inspection and judgement.

The Scorpion Vision 3D Stinger System is a flexible design that can be used in multiples scenarios, from recycling to engine block picking. Engineered to adapt to many different kinds of applications, there is not much we cannot do with Scorpion 3D Stinger. In the UK, during Q3 2018, we have been working on systems that pick sacks of tea from pallets, robot systems that decorate biscuits,  3D part identification for an Aerospace manufacturer, a robotic labelling system that applies a label to wedges of cheese (whatever the shape), a 3D pizza box palletiser and a neural network based code reading system for the pharmaceutical industry. It’s diverse and very interesting.

Watch the video to see the 3D Engine Block Picking and note how robust the system is despite the challenging ambient lighting.